Laser Signage

Laser technology offers various ways of marking and labelling objects. The technology is characterized by greater flexibility than that available in the case of other types of labelig. Furthermore, it has various applications even in problem areas such as, for example, curved parts, rounded fonts or non-standard, structured surfaces.

 The maximum size of markings is 400 x 120 mm.


Cost-effective laser markings offer advantages over other methods, also in applications on many other materials such as wood, aluminium, hard metals and plastics. Everything is possible - from a single piece to continuous series.As we are open to innovations and trying new, non-standard ways of making things, we will be happy to make tests on any material according to your selection. In this respect, we are also ready to offer you our services as a subcontractor.

 Even more applications




        acid and abrasion-resistant, hygienic,

        precision (also with small fonts),

        markings including all current standards,

       barcodes, 2D matrix codes





    Special markings

        Special markings are prepared only once.

        With further orders

        we can provide a fast, simple and reliable delivery process.