The Dispenser is assembled and delivered aseptically packed. Upon request with your logo as a sticker or as a pad printing.

It consists of two halves rotatable relative to each other. For defined and safe use a stopper is provided before the outlet aperture, which can also be used at the same time for attaching a clipper for suspending, e. g. around the neck.

The left hand positions the thumb here. On the back side there are wells which allow to mete the guide wire with the right hand or to rewind it again..

The gradation in the outlet aperture enables the packer to introduce the guide wire according to the length of the wire.

The gradation amounts to
4,6 m
4,0 m
3,3 m
2,6 m
1,8 m
1,0 m

... For more information and videos for use

The winding drive
The movie shows packaging a 4 m guide-wire

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The Dispenser is assembled semi-automatically, with very little strain on the wire.

Depending on the length of the wire, the wire is introduced proximally at the designated introduction zone until it catches. Then the winding process starts, and within seconds the wire is completely assembled.

Pressure on the locking pin releases the Dispenser from the lock, it snaps up and can thus be taken out easily.

Rinsing of the Dispenser

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For rinsing the wire, the Dispenser is provided with a Luer adaptor opposite of the outlet aperture.

To moisten / rinse the contents of the Dispenser, here a disposable syringe can be attached and its contents, such as saline, be injected. Additional turning of the rear bowl of the Dispenser results in quicker distribution of the liquid.

Use of the Dispenser

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By means of fixation of the Dispenser about a lane yard, constant supply in optimum working height is guaranteed.

Both taking and rewinding are thus free from logistic considerations. Grab and work – Let go and have the hands free.

The overall concept of the original endox-Dispensers greatly relieves the hospital staff and is also a step towards making endoscopy safer and more efficient.