endox – competent and innovative

Manufacturers of medical technology or precision devices can only survive in the market on a long-term basis as long as they can permanently deliver the highest quality. Therefore it is an important requirement to have reliable suppliers. p>


as an OEM-vendor has specialized in the diligent fulfillment of customer requirements. Hereby we provide standard products, as well as develop individual solutions. Most modern production technologies such as laser welding, laser cutting, micro plasma welding and topless grinding in connection with deeply founded know-how in the processing technologies guarantees excellent results. We use only materials of the high quality such as stainless steel and Nitinol.

Our range of products is listed in detail on the following pages:

  • Guide wires
  • Wire sections
  • Sections of stranded wire or wire rope
  • Stone catchers / baskets
  • Nooses
  • Laser technology