endox - competent and innovative

In 2001, Matthias Hernik and 3 employees laid the foundation stone for today's endox Feinwerktechnik in Dettingen/Erms with their profound knowledge in the field of precision engineering and medical technology. Due to the rapid growth, it became clear after a short time that the requirements for quantities and know-how had to be transferred to a larger production facility.

The production and administration was moved to a new location in Bad Urach. In order to meet the requirements of the industry, new concepts for work processes are constantly being developed and the machinery is also constantly being kept up to date and expanded.

Manufacturers of medical technology or precision equipment can only survive in the market if they permanently deliver the highest quality. An important prerequisite for this are reliable suppliers.

endox - today and in the future

endox feinwerktechnik GmbH develops, produces and distributes innovative medical instruments for flexible endoscopic applications worldwide. The cooperation with experienced physicians and clinics makes endox a partner that places innovative products on the market. The production of endoscopic instruments for flexible applications requires that some work steps can only be done and executed manually.

Over the decades, we have brought numerous unique new developments to the market that are protected by patents and have international product approvals.

We have specialized in conscientiously fulfilling the wishes of our customers as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers. For this purpose we offer standard products as well as individual solutions. State-of-the-art production technologies such as laser welding, laser cutting, micro plasma welding and centerless grinding in combination with well-founded know-how in processing guarantee perfect results.

We only use high-quality materials such as stainless steel and Nitinol.

endox feinwerktechnik GmbH

Since 2001 in medical technology and Manufacturer for precision engineering successfully on internationalen market.