Centerless grinding is one of our competencies

Our precise CNC grinding machines allow us to grind surfaces of various designs down to a minimum Ø 0.05 mm.

We manufacture the grinding of wires and mandrels as recess and form grindings.

The highly developed grinding machines used for processing stilettos and mandrins, guarantee first-class work results. With the testing by a "Laser Gauge System" we integrates a comprehensive quality control, whose testing accuracy exceeds the requirements of the standard.

We skilfully handle materials such as Nitinol and various stainless steel alloys.

Cylindrical grinding conventional and CNC:

Grinding of stainless steel and nitinol wires 

Centerless for cylindrical and conical profiles up to a minimum diameter of 0.06 mm

plunge grinding up to a minimum diameter of 0.1 mm

Grinding of special shapes such as surfaces and bevels

Clamping range Core competence Wires < Ø 1 mm

Clamping range max. depending on the contour to be ground max. Ø 3 mm

Maximum wire length 5500 mm

As subcontractors, we produce components and assemblies for customers in almost all industrial sectors - from prototypes to small batch series.